The Beginning

by Lost Blue

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released June 4, 2010

Recorded by Mike Oettinger at Canon Found Soundation.




Lost Blue Saddle Brook, New Jersey

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Track Name: Sleep
Your brother is there on the ground, alone.
There's no one there to save him.
And if you hold your ear to the ground you'll hear their footsteps,
their whispers.

Your brother is dead my love.
Your brother is dead my dear.

And I might steal mine on,
to pick up where we left off.
And if you hold your right one,
with that I'll whisper, I'll whisper

Your brother is dead my love.
Your brother is dead my dear.

So count your sheep and fall asleep.
Dear Pirate,
steal the last of their children.
Oh no.
Track Name: G
I saw you again today,
wish I could have stayed a little bit longer.
Our love is the same, I found,
I wish it was always around to keep the light shining on.
I can still see you and the path that we set on that day.
I can still see the plane of the light that would shine on your face,
when I, to you.
All you wanted, was all you needed.
All you wanted was to see me here,
Call me what you want to,
I can always count on you.
Track Name: Malus Sieversii
Alma matter light the candle of your head.
Take a bite and all is gone again.
When the sanction turns its back against.
Fall across a bed of leaves and then,

When i can recall to my mind,
all of your life was mine.
I can recall to myself,
all was lost on that day.

Fall has lost another apple to the red.
Pick him up,
place an apple on his head.
Fall has lost another soldier to the city,
and the father of a kid he only knew in his dreams.

Tranquil nights sleep tonight my dear.
Bed warming masquerade of what we can fear
Another falls,
nother leaves behind his past.
Another walks,
another wants more than this.
Track Name: Stars and Planes
So now I'm telling my story for real.
Never wondering why you left me here to think,
I never wanted to realize this was over.
So now im telling you how I must feel.

What I really wanna know,
What I really wanna say is I'm getting over this.
And your stars will fall because...

Stars and planes to save our names and weigh our pains tonight.
stars and planes will never change but we will,
you know my life.

I'm thinking this over but you're not there yet.
Waiting for.
Track Name: Wake Me Up
Turn your head around so I can see everything you are and used to be.
But now I'm telling myself I'm not afraid to realize what we made.
Wake me up.
And I want to feel your heart.
When it comes crashing down.

Wake me up.